DMX Input on Hog IPC?

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Ok, I do not have an IPC sitting in front of me and have had a heck of time finding an exploded view of the rear panel... assuming the console has dmx input on the rear....My question is this.... Can I use say a Leprecon LP624 console as an extended play back master? I have a show coming up in a week and need more the the supplied console has.... my client does not have a play back wing.... going to be working on 120K par64 rig with 2 - 9lites 12 movers 4 strobes... you can see why I will need more than 8 play back faders....
Any Help would be greatly appreciated...


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    The iPC does not have a DMX input.

    Running in Hog3 mode, you have 10 playbacks available (if you record a list over the GM).

    If you need more that 10 lists and don't have a wing available, you can use virtual masters to control them. Virtual masters are triggered from the touchscreens, and once you get used to them they are very powerful.

    Another option is to network two Hog consoles together and use the 2nd console for more playbacks. The 2nd console can even be a copy of Hog3PC running on a laptop. Using a mouse isn't as fast as a physical wing, but it works well for some shows.
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    I was affraid of that... thanx for the rapid reply... I will have to use virtual faders....
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