Hog II Battery didn't help

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Hello All,
I recently changed out the battery in my Hog II. The console was not keeping a show in memory, and It was a used desk, so I figured I would swap it out. It didn't help. The console still will not hold a show in memory.

Additionally, but most likely unrelated, there seems to be a video image problem with the left hand touchscreen. I can select palettes as well as see the backlight adjust when I adjust the contrast, but no information. When I swap screens the problem stays on the left. The working screen behaves like I describe, and the previously problematic screen now operates fine.

Any thoughts on either of these?


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    The HogII holds shows in a bank of PSRAM on the motherboard. If you have board level troubleshooting skills you can get out the ol' oscilloscope and start diagnosing. Otherwise you'll have to send it in for service.
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    There are also quite a few other components in the battery recharge circuit. The are some capacitors at C99-C111 I believe that can also contribute to this problem. Checking those may be a good start.

    The displays could be a number of things as well, for example some components on the Front Panel PCB may be out of tolerance or failing, as well as the video chips on the Processor PCB. Some time trouble shooting is going to be necessary to find the exact cause.
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