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When I fire up my DMLs in the morning I've been losing their orientation. I'm not using a console, just doing all my work from Projector Toolset and saving my setup as a Snapshot. I'm not losing actual information, the value is still there on DMX channel 20, I just have to go to each projector's Video tab, change the DMX value then change it back. Warp stays the same, everything else is applied as is should be, I just need to re-mirror/flip a few of the images.

The DMLs are using package DV10 v1.2.11 with Toolset v1.4 build 23R. I currently can't upgrade to 1.6 without losing all my warp capability, an issue Zach is working on already.


  • Zach PeletzZach Peletz Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Dave, it looks like we've got a workaround for the issues you were seeing with PT v1.6. See below and let me know if this gets you up and running:

    Just copy $PTOOLSET_INSTALL$/lib/Barco_eWarp_win.exe to $PTOOLSET_INSTALL$

    This is all located in the PT folder on your computer. I believe the default is C:\Program Files\Barco\Projector Toolset\Lib

    I've got a bit more info and screenshots in an email if you need more guidance.
  • DaveKDaveK Registered User
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    Good deal. I don't know when I'll get a shop day but I'll give it a shot when I can. I'll let you know.
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