Moving An Incoming Signal In The Raster

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Is it possible to shift an incoming video signal along the X and Y axis? Currently I'm moving the image by panning and tilting the entire head which changes my keystone and forces me to rewarp the signal. This makes even minor changes in position end up taking a decent amount of time. If I could just slide the image around like a signal from the Hippo or adjust the pixel map like on an actual projector life would be a little easier.


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    HI, Dave

    I suppose it´s easier to give an answer if you tell us WHAT gear you have. ;)

  • DaveKDaveK Registered User
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    I'm taking HDSDI off 6 Grass Valley HDMAs going to 6 DMLs doing a blend on a curved wall. We're using the HDMAs vs the EMP a) for frame accurate playback across the blend and b) cause it's on the Grass Valley booth at NAB and they wanted to use their own playback products. The question would apply the same to any other SDI or DVI source. I would like to be able to adjust left/right up/down shift or timings like on other Barco projectors or have an x and y position like on the EMP layers.

    Hope that helps.
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    HI Dave,
    Yes it does very much. First, very impressive! It would be great to see some video of that!
    And second, there is no Layout/Timing adjust on the DML-1200.
    You can use the WARP to do smaller adjustments, but its quite limited in the sense that the adjustments can only be done INwards not really outwards...
    I am sorry for that, but we did not really anticipate that someone would put 6 x HighRes sources with out other imageprocessing equipment.
    I would go about it like:
    1. Evenly space the DMLs like normal projectors for the main image
    2. Zoom the units to a 200-300 pixel overlap
    3. Make a Alignment pattern for each Turbo
    4. Make a warp for this position from the middle outwards, adjust ing the pos of the units as i went
    5. Use the internal blend
    6. Have the Post Company produce the Material with 200 pixels overlap

    And the only reason not to use the EMP would be that the resolution is better with a HD signal rather than the MPEG2 in the EMP.
    Why is that the EMP can Frame synch perfectly to one master, just hook up the EMP Manager to the network and open the SynchManager, the icon is a Zinc :) to the left.

    Again, i would LOVE to play with 6 x Turbo over HD-SDI to the DMLs

    And i hope this helps!

    My very best /Abbe
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    Thanks Abbe,
    What you're describing is pretty much what we did, just treating it like any other more traditional projection blend. I finished the set up last week, show closes today and it came out looking great. I didn't have to touch color at all, brightness could have been better but was totally reasonable for what we were doing, and they banged in really quickly even without the timings adjustment. They even held their position well so morning re-tweaks on the blend were really mellow. We had 2 more DMLs on curved vertical awnings that needed a much more complex warp, but even those weren't too bad. I have a few pics I'll post soonish, just have to get clearance from the client. I'm mostly trying to find easier ways to do this next time. I may try using the sync manager in the shop but for this one the client wanted to use their own playback devices so we skipped the EMP entirely.
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    I've gotten a few "official" responses to the last email you sent me regarding features, improvements, bugs, etc and I'll email you them when I get a chance (within the next couple days).

    I'm looking forward to the photos and I can pass them on the Abbe as well.

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