Shape Create (Pan& Tilt FX's)

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Hi All,

I finished building Shape Create about 8 years ago, the only FPS FX generation software available (as far as I know).


I've been out of the lighting industry for some time now and am wondering:

1. Is there any need for this type of software with the latest controllers?

2. Are there still only 16 or so FXs in the Effect Library? or is it totally different these days? What advances have been made in the area of Pan & Tilt cue/sequence generation technologies in the last 8 years?

3. Are there API's these days to interface with the latest controllers? pointer to the doco's here would be nice?

I'd like to hear your thoughts!


Jeremy Thompson


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    edited April 2010
    Wow! what an overwhelming response!

    When I bought a Hog 600 10 yrs ago after using dozens of lightingboards at clubs, concerts, raves & etc the only thing I wanted was to program my own FX's and found it impossible to do pan/tilt FXs in a single axis (FXCreate).


    Am I the only one?
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