HOG 3 DP8000 & HIPPO

ChrislimChrislim Registered User
Sorry to bother
Pls advise me on the following

I am trying to hook up
1 x HOG 3 Console
1 x DP8000
2 x Ethernet Switcher
4 x Hippo V3

Attach is the hookup
Pls advise me how do I set the Artnet in HOG 3
as the Hippo is having Artnet 0-1 (Which can be set on the MA Console )
Pls also advise me on the IP address



  • stephlightstephlight Registered User
    edited April 2010
    Hi chris,
    Art-net should be in 2.0.0.X

    Hope this help
  • Abbe RPM Digital LightingAbbe RPM Digital Lighting Registered User
    edited April 2010
    HI Chris,
    From what i remember the Hippo has two network ports, one Hippo Net and One Artnet.
    They need to be separately configured.
    I always go for ArtNet like 2.xxx.xxx.xxx SubNet
    So the drawing should have a second ethernet wire for HippoNet if you want to use the ZooKeeper.
    The Hog uses Broadcast as standard for ArtNet witch makes it very easy to get it to work.
    Let us know how it went.
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