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Well; here we are yet again. It's been a few months since I have had to vent about this, but as they say; the squeaky wheel gets the grease.
Most people come here and ask for library files over and over again as new fixture appear. With China now heavily saturating the market with every kind of lighting gadget and doing it cheap. Much of that stuff is showing up here in the USA and we programmers are getting this thrown in our laps to use.
Many times we get the call to show up not even knowing what fixtures are going to be there until we arrive.
This is why it is very important to have software that is reliable and fast for building the libraries without having to call for support and getting the same lame statement about the fixture builder saying it is very basic and wasn't designed to be able to do the complex library files necessary for many fixtures.
When I have to show up at an exhibit company and program some looks by 4pm for a client walk through on their booth with some off brand Chinese fixture they decided to purchase, I don't have the luxury of sending out an email for your library guru to get be a file.
Hog 3 has been around long enough to make the improvements to the builder. If that is not going to happen, then package the software that your Guru uses and make it available to purchase so we can get our jobs done without all the grief!!!
It's either you get us what we need to do this or I am going to start looking very hard and other control systems and take my business there. And I am sure many others will follow suite.
This has gone on long enough!!!!!


  • J CriminsJ Crimins Registered User
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    I agree with pretty much everything you've stated. It's unfortunate that no one from HES has deemed your post reply-worthy. It's absurd that such a gaping hole in the functionality of professional level lighting gear still exists, after years of malfunction, without much overt talk about a timeline for a remedy.
    As for general console stability, I've tried to upgrade to 3.1.3 and then 3.1.4 and have been rewarded with some spectacular crashes at very inopportune moments. I've downgraded to 3.0.5 which has been very stable and have no plans to try and upgrade any time soon.
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    Hi Jeff,

    I am sorry to hear of your frustrations and your points are well taken. While I do not have a direct timeline for a fix to the fixture builder, I can tell you that we do have some plans to overhaul the library system in the future. Please understand that the very nature of the generic library model is what makes providing the native fixture creation process to users nearly impossible. Please rest assured that your wishes are not going un-noticed and that we are doing our best to please all users of our products.

    thanks for your understanding,
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