v3.13 Change page crash with timecode

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I am running a few cue lists triggered by timecode to sync up video content, I am running v3.13 b2700, I am not to keen on updating the software mid run but for some reason when I have a CP+ macro on the last cue of a list triggered via timecode sometimes it will jump a few pages ahead and other times the desk will freeze, I tried replacing the + with the actual page number, it seemed to be fine at first but has since frozen a few times, it doesn't seem to be consistent but I have managed to find a workaround by adding two extra blank cues at the end, the first one having a disable timecode macro and then the next with a change page macro, is this something that has been reported before and fixed with the new software?



  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
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    This sounds very interesting. Can you please send me your show file via http://upload.highend.com

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    Even though we seem to handle it most of the time, it is dangerous not to first disable timecode on a list whose last cue is a CP macro (or any other trigger macro for that matter).

    Here's why...
    Every list in the show which has timecode enabled will trigger when they see timecode values at or above the values written in their cues; regardless of whether they are on the current page or not. So when you change pages the list on the previous page will release because the preference is set to release on page change but the problem is that when you don't disable timecode on that previous list it will refire (because of timecode) all the way through the last cue which incidently has a CP macro. This leads to some unwanted page jumps and can setup the desk for circular logic that may lead to a crash. In most case we can handle the jumps and we don't crash but if the timing is just right it can be a problem.
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