Hog 2 - 3 cheat sheet??

NovacaneNovacane Registered User
Hey guys,
Im sure this exists somewhere, but I was wondering if someone could redirect me to where there may be a Hog 2 - 3 conversion cheat sheet. (i.e *this command* on hog 2 is the equivalent to *this command* on hog 3.

I could have sworn a friend of mine found one on these forums somewhere. The reason being is that I've been programming with a Hog 3 for a few years now and am headed to a gig where I'll be using a Hog 2 for the next 6 months, and I have NO doubt that Im gonna be inputting hog 3 syntax from memory that will be off from the hog 2 syntax, and am just trying to get a quick reference sheet to make things run a little more smoothly (and save myself some frustrations!!).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!



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