Parking Dims to 100% for Moving Light power

drathbundrathbun Registered User
Is this a no-no? My theatre services tech has berated me for plugging my Varilites into dimmers and then parking those dimmers at 100%. Admittedly, someone could steal a key to my lighting booth and power up my console and patch the dimmers and bring them up to 50% and blow up my Varilites, but other than security, is the power going to the Varilite from a dimmer at full different than the power from that same dimmer when the dimmer is set as a non-dim at 100% on the rack?

This is what my tech has said to me:

"The right way to do this Doug is to set the dimmer up to a bottom level of 100% and not use the hog to set non dim for balasted fixtures. In this way the SSR block acts only as a zero cross point switch and does not introduce harmonics into the powersupply of the VL."

How would a dimmer at 100% introduce harmonics into the power supply of my VL?


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