Hard Drive About To Fail?

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I went to boot my iPC this evening and it got stuck in the boot sequence right after the DOS "memory check OK" stage and it would do that much over and over. I did a successful clean install of the 8.5.1 image and upgrade to 3.1.5 and all seems to be good. That said I'm a bit freaked by this little incident.

Has anyone else had this happen and does it sound like the first step to a hard drive failure?

Also a related question on Hard Drive replacement. Does the Hog do a clean sweep of a new drive when you install to it? I have an IDE drive that is currently formatted for MAC that I could stick in and want to make sure the HOG will reformat it without any problems.




  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
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    Hey Joe,

    the iPC reformats and does partitioning of the HD.
    And as far as I know the HDD-size should be the exact same size like the original one, because of these automated partitioning routine.

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    Marc: The drive does not have to be the exact same size. The partition handling can adjust based on capacity.
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    Good to know
    Thanks for that info...
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