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joshua peltzjoshua peltz Registered User
Real simple request here. For Hog 1k, 2, and 3

I would like to program my fade time for a group of fixtures from one position to another using an offset value for each fixture from the middle pair to the outside pair.

Using pig time and setting a 1 pig thru 5 on my position parameter gets my snake going on the group but just from one side of my rig to the other. I cant seem to get my symmetrical look going.

Also doing similar effects with odds and evens and other groups as well would be great.

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  • ChanneldaveChanneldave Registered User
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    Hopefully Brad or somebody will tell us for sure but I think you would have to select one side of your rig and use 1 pig+thru 5 and then select the other side and use 1 pig+thru 5

    example: if you have 6 fixtures numbered and layed out on stage like this:

    101 102 103 104 105 106

    I think you would have to select 104-106 use 1 pig thru 5
    and then select "103 + 102 + 101" and use 1 pig....etc

    I think you have to select 103 + 102 +101 in that order to get your symmetrical effect, because the console applies the effect in the order the fixtures are selected.....

    I think.
  • joshua peltzjoshua peltz Registered User
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    Much thanks for the prompt reply,

    I failed to achieve the effect with that approach. I could however make it happen like this. Example with 10 fixtures numbered in sequence in a straight line.

    [*]Select fix 1 thru 5 and apply postition
    [*]Pig time, position,set, 1 pig thru 5, enter
    [*]Select fix 6 thru 10 and apply position
    [*]Pig time, position, set, 5 pig thru 1, enter
    [*]record cue
    It worked!
    Now that seems so simple. Still I feel there is another shortcut to this process and I would like to have timing in a palette that I could adjust and offset on the fly. I'm sure the 3 is more than capable. Right???
  • TannerTanner Registered User
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    i don't know if this applies to what you are trying to accomplish, but if you hold down choose you can adjust the Console's q list rate, console rate and one other thing. I use this because i run my show live, i can do slower fades and stuff live.
  • cmuenchowcmuenchow Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff
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    I am pretty sure you can accomplish your request by doing this:

    1) Put fixtures in their respective positions
    2) 101<110, enter
    3) Press time button to bring up fade time on encoder toolbar
    4) Hold down fan key and select the center option from the options toolbar
    5) Keep holding the fan key and start dial up the fade time encoder a bit

    This will fan the fade times of the fixtures from the center to the outside.
  • joshua peltzjoshua peltz Registered User
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    Thanks Chris,
    this works with Hog 3 indeed but I can only get it to fan with the center option from the inside out and not the opposite. Also fanning makes the spread to coarse. I just do the effect as mentioned above.
    Is there a way to adjust the fanning spread?
    Also could you tell me how to adjust the path parameters?
    Example, when I advance cues and I use over as my path, can I adjust how much over my parameters go and at what rate throughout the path??? It would be cool if you could use multiple paths like over and damped together.
    Many thanks,
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