Quick Re-patch for DP's

neil-NSLXneil-NSLX Registered User
Hi Guys,

I was hoping to add in an enhancement for quickly re-patching on Hog PC.

By default a DP8000 is patched, but if on site it changes to say two DP2000's theres no quick way to 'shift' the universes over.

Selecting day 601 THRU 620 @ does obviously work - however, if (like I have) you have gaps in your patching for a specific reason, it is a bit of a pain to repatch it this way. Or, alternatively if you have dimmers.

Something like being able to 'shift' the universe from A to B DP without re-configuring or going down the patch window one by one with patch gaps and dimmers?



  • erockerock Registered User
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    Use "Clone DP"

    Page 146 of the manual.

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    To add to what Eric wrote, "Clone DP" and "Clone Universe" are intended for this exact purpose. You can move from a DP2000 to an 8000 (or vice versa) in a few seconds using clone DP.

    Setup:Patch:View By DP:Clone DP
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    On this same topic, is there anything around that makes a show completely (and transparently) transferrable to an iPC or Roadhog from a hog III in terms of patch? Right now, if I move my show from my H3 to my iPC, I need to add an 8k, clone, etc.
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    Buy a DP8000? *evil grin*

    In your showfile, patch everything to a DP8000 at netnum 1 (for PC based consoles).

    Set your DP2000s to netnums 3 and 4, and clone all of your universes to them.

    This way, the show should work with either config. You'll use the 8K on PC consoles, and the 2Ks on your Hog III.
  • stephenwykerstephenwyker Registered User, DL Beta, Hog Beta
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    Let me trade my 2k in for free ;-)

    anyway. Give me a little credit .. I've done that exact same thing, BUT when running on my III, I can't run startup macros.
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    Yeah, you'll have to run the startup macro manually since those nodes will never come online. Unfortunately I don't know any way around this, unless you could use clock triggers to run your macros at fixed times.

    The PC based console will automatically convert the first two DP2000's to a DP8000, but I believe this only happens the first time you load a 2.x show on 3.x software. We discussed implementing full bi-directional auto-conversion but decided that the convenience would be eclipsed by the extreme frustration of the console changing things behind your back when you're not expecting it.
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