Output window missing columns

Ted DoyleTed Doyle Registered User
I am not at all sure if this is a bug, or if I have inadvertently done something to screw things up. Running v3.1.4 for more than a month without any issues. Noticed the other day that the intensity and pan values are now missing from my output window. I have tried closing and re-opening, re-sizing, re-positioning, making a new view, compacting and uncompacting, all with no effect. I have also attempted to re-arrange the columns, thinking that I buried one column behind another or something like that. So far, no luck. Any suggestions?


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    The console allows you hide columns in the various spreadsheet views. If you right-click in the header, you'll see a list of columns that have been hidden. Choosing a column from that menu will un-hide it.
  • Ted DoyleTed Doyle Registered User
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    Thanks, Eric. I figured it was something along those lines. All is well now.
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