Very Strange HOG PC phenomena! is anyone familiar with this?

NemtilukNemtiluk Registered User
Greetings! I have a HOG PC on an XP machine with a programmer wing, 3x Playback wings, 2x 15" touches and 3x DMX Widgets.

I'm not sure what triggers this as it happens randomly. It also cures itself randomly. I asume it is some combination of button presses and/ or perhaps something about the contents of a cue somewhere in the show.

Here is what happens:

I will be chugging along running as normal, choosing, playing, bumping, setting bpms and adjusting effect rates when all of a sudden the board will enter "some other mode" where the plays no longer function and the choose buttons have to be doule pressed in order to select the desired master. This issue is further complicated because the choose button acts as a tap for the BPM of the respective master(if it is a chase) in this mode! Attempting to choose a master that has a chase on it ruins the tempo of the running master because you have to double click it to select.

It is quite exascerbating. Can anyone help?

Further more, Is there a way to harness this tap fuction while running normally? I would love to figure this out.


  • MitchMitch Registered User, HES Alumni
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    My first guess is a button may be getting stuck down, possibly a CHOOSE button. Of course it may be something else as well.

    The CHASE TAP SYNC is normally achieved by holding down the CHOOSE button and pressing PLAY two times at the rate you would like the chase to advance. This is why I think a CHOOSE button may be stuck down as well.
  • NemtilukNemtiluk Registered User
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    Thanx Mitch!

    That's awesome.
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    3PC starts seven processes running. If 3PC isn't shutdown cleanly, it can sometimes leave processes running. If you have two copies of one of them running, it can cause odd problems.

    You can find the Hog3 processes in task manager because they end in "-win32-golden".

    (Versions prior to 3.x deliberately ran two copies of the "ob" processes)

    I'm not certain this is what's happening, but it's something to check.
  • kurtiswilkkurtiswilk Registered User
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    Is there away to use the "CHOOSE button and pressing PLAY two times " when busking a live show using the cuelist pallet? I'm running an IPC.

  • NemtilukNemtiluk Registered User
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    Thank you all for these great responses!
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