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rossmckrossmck Registered User
I have a Hog 1000 that, despite being around 8 years old, is still working fine but I expect that the battery will be needing replaced in the not too distant future (having heard horror stories of them leaking/corroding and damaging other circuitry within the desk)

Can anyone confirm what type of battery it uses. I'm in the UK so would be looking to get one from CPC or the likes if they have something appropriate.


  • tadawsontadawson Registered User
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    The Jands tech manual says "Lithium Battery 6126CR" . . . Jands part number ZDC010. At any rate, since it is a lithium cell, it shouldn't leak - it'll just go dead . . . . Oh, and the "I'm dead" test voltage is 2.9 volts . . .

    As I recall the last time I was in my console, it appeared to be a pretty generic battery type . . . you might just want to open your console, find out what it is marked, and find a match or cross reference . . .

    - Tim
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    > since it is a lithium cell, it shouldn't leak

    Any battery can leak. Because of their relatively high energy density, lithium batteries are prone to some...interesting...failure modes.
  • MitchMitch Registered User, HES Staff
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    Hello, you can order the battery from High End if you cannot find it else where. The part number 25091038, list price is $32.30.

    You can use the parts order form at the first link below. Our parts list is at the second link.


  • rossmckrossmck Registered User
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    Thanks Mitch - I've found this http://www.cellpacksolutions.com/Search_Data_Sheet.asp?ID=CR1/2AA-CD which I believe is the same, although I've not had a chance yet to look inside the desk as it's in use at the moment...

    It's the axial solder tag version as opposed to the standard battery isn't it ?

    p.s. i've seen lithium batteries fail, in various ways, which is why in a 9 year old desk I'm thinking replacing it is probably a good idea ;)
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