Hog3 vs. Full boar need some honest input

hercthxhercthx Registered User
Hi ther I am currently running a hog 3 to program set lighting in a tv show, and a little bird tweeted in my ear about the rumour of the show buying a full boar to replace. i just wanted to know what were the comparisons, at this time i feel i should stick with the 3 as it sounds like from what i am reading that the full boar is entry level and i do some pretty intense progaming day after day, but if the full boar is capable i would give it a try. at this time running hog 3 with playback expansion wing, 2 ext elo 20" touch, 1 dp 2000. all 4 universes full, around 1800 desk channesl, and about 48-colorblasts, and the odd vl3000 showing up on those special days.


  • Rob ManderRob Mander Registered User
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    I would stick with Hog III. It has much nicer screens to work with and those extra buttons around the screen and on the front panel always come in handy. I would say that the Full Boar is slightly faster on the processing side. Maybe you should get them to get a DP8000 to go with the Hog III instead.

    You would be able to plug in all of your extras into the Full Boar should they go down that route.

  • leebotleebot Registered User
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    I would save the money on the full boar and replace the dp2000 with a new dp8000. It will give you all of the new features of the full boar and allow you to keep things like timecode from cd, the extra buttons around the screen,rate and intensity wheels. It will also give you the capability to output 16 universes. Eight of them dmx from the front of the dp8000 and another 8 artnet or with widgets.
  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
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    You can to all the same things re programming like on Hog3 also with the Fullboar.
    They both run HOG 3 OS, so no difference in this.

    I would also stay with the HOG3 (even if the Fullboar is a little faster in opening windows, changing views etc) and exchange the DP2000 to a DP8000. This will really increase the perfomance of your system.
  • Innovative IlluminationsInnovative Illuminations Registered User
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  • hercthxhercthx Registered User
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    thanks guys. looks like the show went hog 3! game on!
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