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Hello all,

I was just wondering if some one could explain how to write effects? Even if you cant, maybe a couple tips?

I am using the Hog IPC with hog 2 software.

I am also using 24 colorblasts, and want to write effects for those.

Thanks so much in advance



  • stjohnson90stjohnson90 Registered User
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    I really need some help asap.

  • MitchMitch Registered User, HES Staff
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    Hello, page 81 of the Hog 2 manual explains using the Effects Engine.

    Basically you will select the fixtures.
    Press PIG+EFFECTS (from the right display) to open the Effects Engine.
    You can then select the TABLE column for the parameter you want to manipulate. Press SET and this will give you options to apply to the parameter.
    Adjust the RATE, SIZE, and OFFSET encoders to your liking.

    You can then record the selected values into the Effects Directory just like you would record a palette.
  • stjohnson90stjohnson90 Registered User
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    In the Table column there are differnt options like Step, and etc. Would those work for color blasts? Because all they have is red, green, blue. Will those options work for colorblasts? Seems like they only work for moving lights.

  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
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    They will work for any parameter on any light...inlcuding RGB.
  • stjohnson90stjohnson90 Registered User
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    When I select the colorblast I want to do the effect for and click a setting under the table option, nothing happens. No output. I check the Output section and it says 0% on all fixtures I want to do the effect for.

    Like I wanted to make all the colorblast blue, and make random colorblast flash white at random times, how would I program that?
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