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I am working on a show with a maxedia. I programed some cues in the maxedia. I patched the maxedia into the desk. I now am attempting to get the desk to trigger the cues.

I chose my fixture number for the Maxedia (lets say #1) @ Full. I chose my cue page my cue I want and I don't see anything. What other parameters do I have to have to achieve a output?

Using hog III



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    Without seeing exactly what you're doing I'm going to try to take a stab at this for you.

    The simplest method of programming a Maxedia in combination with a Hog 3 is to do all of the server programming using the server's GUI, recording cues into the banks of cues on-board. The upside to this is that it is very easy to program and play back. The downside is that you don't have a ton of control from the console to manipulate layers.

    If this is how you are operating, then all you have to patch is a Maxedia v3 Base. This should be the only thing with DMX enabled on your Maxedia. (There should be no content layers with DMX enabled)

    On the Hog 3, your fixture parameters should look something like this:

    Intensity = FULL
    Red = 50%
    Green = 50%
    Blue = 50%
    Cue (Selection) = 1 (or whatever cue you want to play back)
    Cue Page = 1 (or whatever page/bank you want)
    Cue B = 0
    Cue Page B = 0
    Blur = 0%
    Transition / Wipe Bank = 0
    Transition / Wipe = 0
    Transition / Xfade = 0
    Wipe Blur = 50%
    Go = 96 (for GO - 0% for NO GO - I leave this on GO)
    Cue Time = 30 (This is how long cross fades will take - you should play with this)
    Output Mode = 52 (This allows automatic dissolves between cueis using your preset time)
    Content Speed A = 50%
    Content Speed B = 50%
    Output Preset = 0%
    Brightness = 128
    Contrast = 94
    Screen Configuration Preset = 0%

    If you set it up like this you can use your Cue (A) Selection to jump to cues you've written in the server. If you leave GO on at the correct setting, the server will change cues as soon as you change the Cue Selection and will dissolve in the time defined b the Time parameter. (I recommend setting all parameters to 0 time in the console.)

    Its been a while since I've used these two items together so I don't know what the state of the fixture profile is in the desk, but I can tell you that there IS a way to make this work as I have done it several times.

    You can also refer to this conversation for more detailed info on the fixture profile and the DMX spec of the server:

    Let me know if you have any more questions and I'll be happy to try to help.


  • matt8445matt8445 Registered User
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    Hey Phil,

    Thanks a bunch that ended up being exactly what I was looking for. I think what slowed me down is I kept trying to make the cues go from cue 1 to cue to in the maxedia in one cue on the hog.

    Thanks again appreciate the help!

  • z6p6tist6z6p6tist6 Registered User
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    Awesome. Glad it worked.

    It's a little squirrely getting it going, but I fin it incredibly powerful once you're up an running.

    If you get a chance to play with it, the pixel-mapping on Maxedia is really cool (if you haven't already used it). You can assign selections of fixtures to 'mix groups' and fade them between console control (of color) and pixel-mapped color.

    Have a good show!

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    First time Maxedia user here and also pretty new to the Hog console as well. I am using a Road Hog and have the Maxedia Base patched into the console via dmx out of the board into the front of the Base.

    Do I input these setting on the Maxedia unit itself?<<<<Sorry just saw this
    On the Hog 3, your fixture parameters should look something like this:

    Regarding the parameter though on my console some of parameters are different. For instance instead of Red,Green,Blue I have Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow. Does this mean I have the wrong fixture profile for the Maxedia??

    Then from there after I program some cues on the Maxedia do I just pull up the Maxedia Base at Full on the console and program that as a cue to playback from say one of the physical masters?
  • BirdFLTXBirdFLTX Registered User
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    Still not able to fire cues from the road hog. Has nybody here had any success in using the Maxedia. I have full access to a console and maxedia pro server so I can test out whatever theories are out there to get these two units to communicate. Not really sure why a working fixture profile hasen't been developed yet? The Maxedia I have is updated with the latest software and I am using the most recent fixture library as welll and still nothing...
  • BirdFLTXBirdFLTX Registered User
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    Ok compared the defaults values from the DMX map of the Maxedia from Martin to the ones progreamed into the Fixture Library for Maxedia Base and a few of them were off such as the control channel so I used the "Edit Fixture" function to set the correct defaults and still nothing. Doesn't make it any easier that the parameter names on the DMX Map from Martin do not lineup with the paramter names in the Fixture Library provided by High End...
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