Service Mode to disable P/T in roadcase?

kraveskraves Registered User
edited February 2010 in Barco DML-1200
Hi folks, another Q for you all.

Does the DML have a service mode that disables P/T so you can power-up
in the flight-case? ie. similar to the Macs ENTER and MENU on power-up.

Perhaps an option for future firmware? A nice quick way to do it.

From the manual I see you can disable it, but not sure if it would spin up/reset
before you can access it in the manual.



  • Zach PeletzZach Peletz Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited February 2010

    There isn't any direct way to do this via the menu before the homing sequence begins however the DML1200 will not home if it detects that the Housing Switch is open. If you slightly loosen the head bezels, via the captive flat head screws, the DML will not home. Just make sure the bezel is pulled back slightly from the head because it uses a magnet to detect its open/closed state.
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