Key Fail

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have 2 consoles Hog 3 and 1 is mal function on the keys , when i pres live,7,group,beam put in the info all al the same time.
in the info put /live,7,group,beam with only press 1 of that keys

i install to new version 3.1.4 cause i think is probably software but still haven the same issue
Can be a hardware??


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    You can use the console test application to test if your front panel board is working properly. Connect an external mouse (USB or PS/2)

    Hold down the "Pig" key when you turn on your console, then choose "Console Test".

    When the gray screen appears, choose "Test Front Panel", then select the "Switches" tab.

    Try pressing every key, and combination, does it behave as you'd expect?
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    i ready make the test and in the screen turn at the same time , but after we remove te cover the fail slow to stop makes , we are thinking that is condensation but im not sure , in 4 year that we habe never make the same.
    I go to make more test and i tray to record the fail in video
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