Dimmer Check

shamu5792shamu5792 Registered User
Dimmer Check please....please?


  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited February 2010
    Hi John,

    This item has been previously logged and is on our list. We understand the importance and hope to implement something to assist with this functionality in the future.

    thanks for your suggestion,
  • Zach PeletzZach Peletz Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited February 2010
    John something that I'd do for dimmer checking is do a 1-to-1 patch on an entire, spare, universe.

    Add 512 Desk Channels, lets say User numbers 1-512, type 1 Thru 512 @ 1/1 ENTER (#/# = Universe/DMX Address). Close the Fixture Window, open the Programmer, Select Fixture 1, Press Highlight, then Next to start advancing through your channels.

    This is really handy if you are only using Universes 1-3 and can do the 1-to-1 patch on Universe 4. Simply take the cable out of one of the first three Universes and plug it into Universe 4 when you need to do the checking. If you use all four Universes you could go as far as "juggling" universes by cloning them back and forth when needed.
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