iPad...all the more reason for a Hog3 app

prmuchaprmucha Registered User
So I know that there are many more important features, but I just wanted to reiterate this in light of the new iPad coming out. It would be a great RFU device I think.

Well, really, I was just hoping the iPad would run Windows..but no avail. Maybe there can be wholly new apps for the iPad that would be good for all the systems out there...think of running house lights in ballrooms wirelessly: being able to tap into the system to run it, or just simply program it.


  • jjsoundsjjsounds Registered User
    edited February 2010
    i think the ipad would be a great tool for lighting operators dimmer techs and riggers

    with direct access to the console this would be a very power full slim line solution

    maybe lets try be the first to offer this before any one else dose

  • stephlightstephlight Registered User
    edited February 2010
    If I have read all correctly, it will use the OS of the Iphone, so many applications from "Other" should already be compatible with the iPad.
  • PhilouPhilou Registered User
    edited February 2010
    Most of the applications from iphone are already compatible with the ipad....
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