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Hello to All - I am a new forum user, hoping I am posting in the correct place.

I have a RoadHog running v2.5 software and installed a ShowLED controller/curtain. I am having a problem with the curtain control and have tried replacing the controller without success. Looking for other ideas as to my problem.

When changing parameters to set-up a look before turning on the intensity, the curtain will flash brightly once whenever the Pattern Type (Hard Chase to Soft Chase) parameter is changed. Only happens with this one parameter of the curtain and only going from Hard to Soft or 0% to 100%. This happens in cues or if I grab the fixture in the programmer and and just change that one parameter with the wheel.

Anyone run into this before? Could an software or library update to the console possibly help - such as moving to the v3 software?




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    The 2.5 software is quite old. I don't recognize this particular issue, but there have been many changes since that then.
  • AdamBAdamB Registered User
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    Should I consider upgrading to the latest software ? Will the shows that are currently running port in OK? Is there a way to go back if needed?
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    You said "This happens in cues or if I grab the fixture in the programmer and and just change that one parameter with the wheel."

    This sounds like the problem is probably not the desk. You can confirm this by looking at the DMX window and watching the value for Intensity when you make the change to the pattern parameter. If the intensity DMX channel does not change, but the current illuminates, then it is likely a problem outside of the console.

    IN regards to upgrading, it sounds like that will not solve the problem as I described above. All software versions are always forwards compatible with shows and usually also backwards compatible. Of course you should create a backup file of your show on this version before you upgrade. Then if you were to downgrade you could always open the backup and it would be as if you never upgraded.

    Let us know what you find...
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    Finally got back into their theater and checked the DMX output window as suggested. The intensity parameter is not changing, just the Type, which should be. I'll have to assume it is a "bug" in the ShowLED controller design and have to find a work around. When I talk to them, they tell me they do not have a hog console to test with and can not recreate the condition. Back to creative programming tricks to work around. Thanks.
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    Thanks for the update Adam. Can you send me the contact information for the person you spoke to about the ShowLED controller? I will contact them and see how we can help them troubleshoot...

    You can email me at brad.schiller at

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