Merge v4 Lib to old show V3 lib??

ACCPIG3ACCPIG3 Registered User
Hello All.

Having a little issue with an old show i have been re patching for the last year or so..

I want to use the new Lib v4 with the old show built using v3 lib containing a few user created librarys.. how is it done??

-I have tried starting a new show using v4 and merging everything from old v3 show, it looks like its doin the bizzo then at the end it says server busy or something (object 1236 in array 36)?? hmm is that rite?? and the merge attempt fails.

-I have also tried loading the full old show and merging in just the extras (as i always do with lib extras) only from the v4 lib this time. it just copies the info then deletes it and then logs off or crashes or something wierd.

Its kind of a pain in the butt..

I know you are meant to have same lib revision numbers.. BUT!!!Please tell me it can be done as i really do not want to start my show all over again for the sake of a couple of new robe redwash libs..

Any ides where i mite be going wrong??


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