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Hello all,
Just wondering if it my system (Hog3 PC with superwidget) but I have been having what seems to be a latency issue after "merge." For each cue I write there are many, many changes before we shoot. Update doesn't always put those changes into to right cue, so I "merge XX, enter, clear". In version 3 and above, if my fingers are moving fast, after I hit "clear", the values I just changed revert back to what they were in the cue before I merged. And show it both in the output screen and on stage. After a second or two the new merged values pop on stage and in the output screen. Not every time but enough that I hesitate hitting the clear button for two seconds now. If I wait, the new values appear as they should. Is there anything I can do about this?



  • Michael_GrahamMichael_Graham Registered User, Super Moderator, HES Staff
    edited January 2010

    We are not aware of any update dugs.
    What version of Windows is your computer running?
    What version on 3PC are you running?
    Do you have any wings attached to the computer?

    I would also like to look at your show file, can you please send it to us.
  • bsbjuicerbsbjuicer Registered User
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    I am running XP Pro SP2, oneplayback and one programming wing, 1 superwidget, 2 17" ELO touch monitors, Hog PC ver 3.1.3 (b2700). I'll try and send a show file while we are down for lunch. On a side note I have been having some server (stops working, gives alert) and desktop issues (freezes) in the first few minutes after starting up the show in the morning. Sometimes they solve themselves, sometimes all I have to do is kill the process and restart it and all is good.

    Bryan (bsbjuicer)
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