re-assembling pcb questions

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From the beginning:
- One trackspot stopped working and someone else has put it apart over a year ago.
- The trackspot had a burnt voltage selector switch which I recently bypassed.
- When testing the only thing that worked was the mic. No lamp or motors. Voltage is OK. No fuses were blown (not even when the vss ?).
- After more measuring and testing I found out that the circuit on the PCB, from the 24VAC connector (next to the fan connector) to the rectifier, has melted. Best way to fix this I think, is to solder a wire at the bottom of the PCB connecting them together.

My questions:
1. On the bottom of the 4 power transistors/thyristors/??? (REG1-REG2-SC1-SC2) is some white stuff. Is this thermal compound? And if so, is the standard thermal compound from a computer shop ok to use? Or is it OK if I just screw them down?
2. Since I didn't pull the unit apart, does it matter where the red and yellow-red transformer wires are connected? I guess not since it's AC.
3. Same question for the lamp holder connectors.


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    I'm going to venture a guess when the 24V trace overloaded and burned/melted, it may have damaged upsteam components. Bridging the damaged trace would be the correct repair (at least without crazy expensive specialty equipment at the tip of your fingers). Chris, thats what HES does, right?
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