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I am upgrading 3 desks with a clean install. Following the manual, holding down pig key and starting the desk, However the desk is skipping over the Boot menu straight into start up. the only way is to F8 on a keyboard and select CDROM but this also proving problematic. The current file has been burnt using Nero following the prompts. I am assuming now the downloading of the ISO file could be the problem??? any thoughts or tips


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    Which console types are you trying to upgrade (iPC, RH, RHFB, H3)?

    One problem that I've seen recently is that ISO burners can burn TOO FAST (I know, it sounds weird). Try re-burning the ISO at 1/2 speed.
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    You're confusing the install processes for different console types.

    You hold down pig on a HogIII to get into the boot menu.
    F8 is for some of the PC based consoles (iPC, RH, RHFB).

    You need to make sure you're using the right procedure for your console type, and that you have a matching CD. Each console type has a different install CD.
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    Hi All,

    I feel Robs pain, i was there also today and no where could we find anything specific in the 20mins of reading the bible and looking for references that helped in getting a boot menu up on a RHFB. does this magic text appear anywhere in the user bible??

    We ended up just treating the os install as if it was on a PC with XP.. smash F8 after highend screen.. WOW!!! BOOT menu :)

    K we got this far..
    -BIOS boot order correct..
    -Boot screen with all devices displayed WoooHooo! (after much trial and error with pig key that is)

    NOT BOOTING.. Hmmm..

    Dodgy Burn, Bad download, crappy CDR's, Or maybe we just burnt the XPe disc wrong..

    Any ideas? As Rob said we used the burn guide with NERO image burn thingy as directed.

    Still no BOOTing..

    Ideas anyone??


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    In the Roadhog Quick Guide located here, there is a section of the manual titled "SYSTEM RESTORE" on page 7. It shows how to do it from USB, CD, etc.

    In the Wholehog 3 manual located here, on page 361, there is a section of the manual titled "Restoring the Roadhog System Files."

    To restore the system files:

    1. Connect the USB keyboard to the console.
    2. Connect the USB (or CD) drive containing the System restore image.
    3. As the system boots up, press F8 on the keyboard to display the boot device selection screen.
    4. Select the USB device (or CD) that contains the system restore image from the list.
    5. A recovery screen will prompt you to select a Full or Partial recovery. A full recovery will erase the show files on the hard drive and a partial will not.
    » Important The Full recovery process will remove all data from the Road Hog hard drive, including show files. The Partial recovery process will reinstall the XPe image and the Wholehog software without erasing your show files.
    6. The console will immediately begin drive restoration. The process may take anywhere from 10-15 minutes, and will automatically reboot your console when finished. Do not touch any keys or attempt to interrupt the restore process. If the process is interrupted for any reason, simply reboot and return to Step 1 to ensure the Road Hog console is completely restored.
    7. Once the system is restored and rebooted, remove the System Restore USB drive and store in a safe place.

    On top of that, as I mentioned above, try reburning the ISO at HALF-SPEED of what your drive can burn at. I've had some issues with some CD's that when the file is burned at full speed, it didn't get all of the data. Same download burned at half-speed, no issues. I have had this happen on multiple occasions. SInce then I now always burn ISO discs at half-speed. This was suggested by the HES Tech Support guys as well.

    Hope that helps.
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    When you power on your Full Boar, with the ISO cd in the cd drive, the Full Boar will ask you if you want to boot from a cd.
    When you see this hit any key on a keyboard.
    It will then ask you again and again hit any key on the keyboard.
    This will load the image.
    Once the image is loaded it will ask you what type of image you want to perform.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for the help guys. Will see if anyone had any luck when i get in to work today. Was getting confused with the system restore/clean install thing in the bible.

    So pretty much you just treat it as a PC installing XP. Stick the disc in the drive and reboot, hit any key, then follow the prompts.. or hit f8 for boot menu.

    The issue must be the burnt disc, will try the half burn speed thing and let you know how we went. It should be a piece of cake as long as the disc is burnt correctly with no issues.. otherwise i will do the USB restore thing, and as suggested stash the syatem USB away.

    Thanks heaps for your speedy replies.

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    Hello again..

    Lets just say my understanding of an ISO is a little patchy..

    Tried the slow burn thing with no luck, clearly theres a burning issue with either our nero or the discs we are using at work. will maybe try a different brand disc and pc.

    I have set up a bootable USB on the RHFB, so now i just need to extract the downloaded clean install file (gut file) either onto the bootable USB stick using a ISO>>USB tool or burn first using NERO etc. to disc and then copy paste to bootable USB, and then boot from USB using the blue F8 boot menu???

    Gotta say, besides our little issue with the fresh install process.. besides that i really like the RHFB's :)


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    You download the .ZIP file for Bootable USB Flash Drives.

    Once the ZIP is downloaded, extract all files onto the bootable flash drive.

    How are you burning your CD's ISO files? That may help determine the issue. PC or MAC? Do you get a "real" ISO file when you download or something else?
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    yer this is the file here.. and its a PC we are using.


    clearly we are doing something wrong with it...

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    The "gut_3.1.3_(Build_2700).iso" image is for the HogIII console. and Rack Mount Unit only. It will not work on any other consoles.

    You need to go to the following page, select your console type, and download the XPe image and Hog3PC.
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    That would be the prob rite there..

    Again.. Thanks the help..

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    Last time I did this HES phone support instructed me to and walked me through formatting my thumb drive first; now it seems I can't use the drive for anything else ever again, including a new Road Hog XPe image? These drives aren't cheap!
    I don't see other mentions of formatting the drive first, is it really necessary?
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    You can reformat the drive afterwards back to FAT32 using a windows computer.
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