Ethernet triggering of Whole Hog 3 PC

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Can I control the whole hog 3 pc by sending commands over the network. Ideally I'd like to either broadcast UDP or open a socket on a port and send bytes in whatever protocol is necessary. I can probably format MIDI is necessary.

(I'm a software developer doing work on an installation and I don't know anything about lighting control.)

Can the HOG PC do this? Any other ideas?


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    You could control a Hog3PC setup acting as a server with a widget attached to output DMX from another remote Hog3PC setup acting as a client. There is not tracking backup over the network yet, although I beleive it's planned. One other option is to use Windows Remote Desktop to log into the computer running Hog 3pC and then control it that way. This would allow you to control it from theoretically anywhere, since remote desktop can work over the internet, there are other flavors of remote desktop such as GoToMyPC, which I use frequently and have had good luck with.

    Additionally you can use MSC to link two Hog 3 consoles(Full 3, Roadhogs, Hog3PC) to act as a tracking backup. This works very well and in some ways offers more stability in a backup situation because it's not relying on the network and if the primary consoles network goes down, it shouldn't affect the backup.

    Hope this helps,

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    The Hog3 line (including 3PC) can accept MIDI Show Control (sometimes abbreviated MSC). It will allow you to fire cues from another system.

    You may want to use something like MIDI-OX to let you feed MSC without requiring a physical MIDI interface.
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    This would be a great feature to add to the list Eric.. Maybe in the future. Midi is a dying breed and is hard to come by when it comes to integration controllers such as AMX and Crestron. Everything has an ethernet connection now, its much easier to just have a port open with a SIMPLE ascii command structure (no need to get all bitwise on people and make life a living hell or massive, confusing nasty checksums.)
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    I do agree that the future is not tied to MSC and we are looking at other options as well. FYI we do have a document describing how to interact with AMX and Creston. It is linked from the Documents section of the FPS site or directly here:
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    I have read through this before.. I haven't had a direct need for it yet. However may down the line. But having direct control over many features would be much better such as the command line. It would be nice to directly control the programmer with it such as intensities and playback faders..
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