Where is the channel numbers in library files

KazannikKazannik Registered User
Hi Brothers!
Please someone explain, where is the channel numbers in library files.
Thanks a lot!!!!:hogsign:


  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited January 2010
    Hi Kazannik,

    The channel numbers are not shown in the library files for Wholehog 2. The libraries are created by placing the parameters in the order they appear in the fixture's DMX protocol.

    See the chapter about writing libraries in the Wholehog 2 manual (page 165) for further details: http://www.flyingpig.com/support/hog2/manuals/hog2_v4.pdf
  • KazannikKazannik Registered User
    edited January 2010
    Hi Brad, thank you for your response, I have read all the manual but there is nothing exact about the channel numbers of the fixture for any lights, but I had a few days to guess how everything works in a programming of liblib files. I need to be sure that my understanding is clear. The thing is that the Hog 2nd doesn't work with one of my lights Coef MP 700 wash, even the library files are exist in there(Hog 2), but I have found out how to get it work, I replaced original file with one downloaded from the Internet, now everything works well. But i guess its a mistake of software programmers.
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