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Hi Guys,

Sorry i know this is very simple question im just new to the hog 3.i am just a little confused with the library on the website. I am half way through programming a show in Software version 3.0.5 WH3. and now i need a MAC 250 Beam fixture profile. what library do i need to download? Will version 4.1.5 work and not muck around with my programming?? or is there anyway i can just get access to just the MAC 250 Beam?

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    From the download page on HES...

    Current v4 Fixture Library Version: V4.1.50
    Is the correct one for software version 3.1.0

    If you are merging new/updated fixture libraries into existing show, you must use a library with the same major revision number as the library used to create the show. The library version of your show is shown next to the show name in the Show Manager. The major revision number is the first of the three numbers.

    You should be fine as I'm guessing your original fixture library was 4.x.x. ??

    To add it...

    First do a backup of your show!


    Download 4.1.50 library for the 250 Beam Extended
    or the Uncommon library for the 250 Beam Basic
    and put it in the appropriate folder.

    Press Setup (hard key) --> Shows (right monitor soft key)
    Then select Merge Show and following the menus select that library.

    Good luck.
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