Hog 3 PC Prog and Playback wing - OK with USB 1.1?

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I am going to be using a USB extender to put my Hog3PC wings about 15m away from the computer. The extender is only USB 1.1, will this be sufficient? Especially if both wings are daisy chained together? Or will they require USB 2.0?




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    The wings are USB 2.0 full speed devices. In general, 2 is supposed to be backwards compatible with 1.x. But, I have seen incompatibilities where specific controllers won't work with specific devices.

    So, the only way to know for sure is to try it.
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    Ok, thanks.

    I have found some 5m USB 2.0 repeater cables, which can be attached in series up to 25m, which is less elegant and more expensive than the extender (which extendeds USB 1.1 over Cat5 cable) but if I need USB 2.0 to ensure the wings work correctly thats what I'll have to do.

    I cant test them as unfortunately the wings are on a container to Hong Kong, and the first I'll see of them is when I arrive on site to do the install.

    Thanks again.
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