Hog 2 lockups

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I had a good look around, but can't find a references to this issue....

We have a Hog 2 out on a show right now, and it has locked up a few (3) times right before show. Reboots successfully each time and works for a day or days before doing it again, but it does display a strange error:

Homer 1 has lost contact. Disconnect sensor/ignore

Anyone have any clues?



  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Hi AJ,

    The Homer error means that it is looking for the never fully implemented function of automating positions. You can find the setup for this by going to Setup>Control Panel>Buss Devices. For some reason your show seems to think these are implemented. Maybe someone played around with the settings in here? I have never seen the error come up however. All for "Homer"s should be "Not Found" as their status. If your console is reporting differently this could be the cause.

    FYI.. the "Homer" was a device that was once shown that when connected to a Wholehog 2 would help to calibrate XYZ positions. Basically there were 4 devices placed on the stage and the lights would find the devices and then auto-calibrate the positions throughout the show. The Homer was never fully developed and was never sold.

    If the problem continues, there could be a hardware problem on the console that makes it think there is a homer device connected.

    Let us know what you find the in the Bus Devices screen.
  • bitbratbitbrat Registered User
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    Hi Brad,

    Thanks for the pointer - I have forwarded this to the guys on the road, and i will let you know what we find out...

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