Dual Head to Go with IPC

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Hi, for the past couple of years, I had been using my IPC with a dual head to go on the DVI port to split the third monitor output into two seperate outputs. I had been using it with Hog 2 and everything was working fine, the IPC recognized the Dual head to go and allowed me to set the resolution to 2048x768 which the dual head to go to split this into two 1024x768 monitors. I've recently started using Hog3PC on the IPC and it no longer has 2048x768 as an option. The console had 3.1.0 and I updated to 3.1.1. The highest resolution that it would allow me to use was something like 1368x1280 which doesn't work properly with the Dual Head to Go. Have these higher resolutions been removed in recent software updates? I had a second dual head to go and tried that as well without any success. I realize this isn't a supported product by HES, but was curious to know if it was still possible to use this with the console. When it was working, I didn't experience any noticeable performance problems and it was great to have the option to have a fourth monitor.

Also on a related note, does the IPC lock the Hog 3pC software to only have one external monitor since that's all the IPC supports? In the IPC config. panel this is all there is the option for, but also in the Hog 3 software control panel, there is only the option for the one monitor as well.



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    Hi, I recently tried this with another IPC running 3.1.2 as well and got the same results, have any changes been made to the video parts of the software, not sure if recent changes in the 3.0.* revisions that would affect this? I know that the Dual Head 2 Go isn't a supported device, but it was great to be able to use it with the console. Thanks for any assistance with this.

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    The console gives you the list of resolutions that the device driver thinks the connected monitor can support. We don't deliberately exclude any resolutions, but we don't verify that the oddball resolutions work either.

    We'll occasionally update the graphics card driver in the OS image as needs dictate. You may find it works with some images, and not with others. It may also work on one particular output, and not on another.

    If you have an older iPC where you had to switch the framebuffer size from 32 to 8 meg to install recent software, it may help to set it back to 32.
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