Trouble with HogPc and Vista

paco toscanopaco toscano Registered User
Hi, I'm trying to use HogPc v3.0.5 on a Vista Home Premium PC, but when I try to start this message appears: "The Show Server is not responding. Would you like to wait?"
I've enter the following command on Run in start menu: regsvr32 vbscript.dll and it was ok.
I start HogPc like administrator but nothing, the same message everytime I try.
On my old PC, with an XP Professional, everything ok, never a trouble.
How can I resolve without format Vista and downgrade to XP? I'm trying to install XP in a different partition, but it?s very difficoult 'cause Sata controller driver not inside an XP installation cd-
it's frustrating.....


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    If you look through older vista threads you'll see lots of good suggestions.

    The two big ones are:
    Make sure UAC is disabled.
    Make sure your network firewall is disabled
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    thanks for the reply.
    I've done everything you suggested me, I've installed new 3.1.0, I've connected a DP2000 with a Lan switch, but nothing.....
    No Firewall and UAC disable
    The server cannot start..... no info in the Wholehog Control System window!!!!
    On a XP based pc no problem!!!!
    I'm being crazy
    In the network configuration I choose a Custom IP address.....
    How can I solve?
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