Weird CMA Issue

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I have 4 DL2's on a rental. They are all the same software version as I did preprogramming at the shop a couple of weeks ago. I am running them in Artnet mode being supplied by a DP8000.

Now, here's the oddity. All 4 units perform perfectly in Artnet mode (whcih means there is communication). However, when I turn on CMA (on both my laptop and the Axon), I only see 1 DL2. :dunce:

I don't run CMA while running the show (and all of the artnet traffic), but would like to deploy some additional content. Is there any reason known to man that I could talk on Artnet, but not see the fixtures on the CMA?


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    Hi Jon,

    One quick question:

    What IP range is the network running on? Are you running a DHCP server, or is everything done auto-ip?

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    Yes, I have a DHCP on the Artnet which the DL's are picking up. I physically went up to the fixtures to make sure. They were in the 2.1.150.x

    2.1.x.x is the range (since it is an Artent line) for the entire line (also consists of pathport nodes, Axon, and DP8000).

    I'm wondering if this goes back to my Artnet problems with my Axon that we discussed via email. I'll email that back to you Matt and we can take this offline until we find a solution.

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    What kind of ethernet switch are you using? If your switch has an option for "Broadcast Storm Control" or "Rate Limiting" make sure it's turned off.
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    Thanks for the help...

    To copy from Matt's email (I hope this is ok Matt)....
    There was a BETA build of software that went out sometime last year (b1704) that has caused some serious problems with CMA communication in conjunction with a DHCP network. Basically, any DL/Axon server that was upgraded to 1704, and then to any other version of software will have issues communicating with the CMA when running under DHCP.

    To be sure this is the issue, can you change your ArtNet settings in the DP8000 to run in the 169.254.x.x range, and then take the DHCP router out of the network? At least temporarily to test. If you do this and you get all of your DLs back in the network, then this is the issue you are running into.

    The best way we have found to fix it (and bear with me here, it will sound strange) is to plug the router back into the network, connect an active internet connection into the router, then reboot the DL/Axons servers and allow them to fully boot. Once they come back up, you should see them all in the CMA. As long as they are back in the network at this point, the problem will be permanently cured.

    This worked perfectly and everyone is happy again once this was deployed!
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