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Simple Question - Backtruss with 4 SC575 Wash Light!
First Scene all Moving are white!
Second Scene all moving should be blue in a distance from 1 second!
MH 1 blue => MH 2 delay 1 second blue => MH 3 delay 1 second blue => MH 4 delay 1 second blue

For that scene i need time time but i don't know the correct command line entry.

Big thx for help!


  • amir877amir877 Registered User, Hog Beta
    edited November 2009

    For delay:
    " Studio Colour 1>4 Colour Time Time 0>4 Enter "

    For Fade:
    " Studio Colour 1>4 Colour Time 0>4 Enter "

    ( ">" = True)

    If you want a 1/2 sec from one to another - " Studio Colour 1>4 Colour Time Time 0>2 Enter "

    For a singel fixture the command will be "Studio Colour 1 Colour Time Time 2 Enter " = will give Studio Colour 1 Colour delay of 2 sec.

    You can do it in the programer window also,
    1) open the programer window
    2) Select Studio colour 1>4 and apply blue colour to them
    3) in the programer window, select "Delay" on the toolbar
    4) set delay to any parameter you want by pressing "set" on the desire one

    You can do this to any parameter on the fixture.
    Let us know if you need any more halp.

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  • bigboss007bigboss007 Registered User
    edited November 2009
    Hy Amir!
    Big thx for your help!
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