strobe effect like a bomb

ljbehaveljbehave Registered User
hey guys

i want an effect like a bombe with my 4 hungaroflashes (quasar)

how can i programm such an effect .

i think that the strobe rate has to be 100%
an that i have to do an tangente effect on the intensity??

can you help me!


best regards jens


  • theDutchGuytheDutchGuy Registered User
    edited November 2009
    I assume you're referring to a big blast that then slowly fades out...?
    Rather than messing with effects, I find it quicker and easier to make a two-step cuelist (step one: dimmer and rate @ full in 00 seconds, step two: dimmer fade to 0% in 2 seconds), and have the second cue set to follow through with a delay of about 0.5 seconds. If this needs to be a continuous effect, set both cues to follow, and the cuelist will keep running.
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