Uploading Software to a Technobeam?

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Okay. We are trying to fix a techno that seems to have lost the software. It will power on as far as junk coming up on the display. I was able to find out that the technical training stuff says that means a blown fuse. However the fuse is good. Does anyone know if this is in fact that it had lost software? Or are there other causes?

If it's software, does anyone know how to force it to upload new software? It won't go into the menu so we can't put it in UPLD. I know HES can reprogram boards that lose everything, how would I do this?


PS: I may have to call HES or Strong, but I figured I'd ask here first.


  • Michael_GrahamMichael_Graham Registered User, Super Moderator, HES Staff
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    If you have 2 technobeams, hook them together and Cross Load them.
    Go into the good techno's menu under 'Mode' and select 'X-LD'
    This will find and upload software to the other technobeam.

    If this does not work you will have to contact Strong.
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    I had one that kept re-homeing over and over I had to push (what I'm calling it) the reset button on the pcb. it's just below the frist two driver chips on the right. that seem to let the board take the xld. hope that helps.
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    Well I had someone suggest to me that the timing circuit can be a problem with bad solder joints. So I guess once we've double checked the easy stuff we get to go through that circuit with a magnifying glass and meter and re-solder any bad/questionable joints.
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