iPC clock bug?

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I'm not sure if this is a bug, nor when it started, but think that it only started after v2.4. I always do full install of 'iPC image' from CD, whenever a new iso file is available.
Both our iPC's, which have different version motherboards, but same version of software, lose 1 hour on the clock every time we power up.
ie If clock is correct, power down, power up, clock will lose 1 hour.
If clock is 1 (or 2 or 3...) hour(s) behind, when we start up it will lose 1 more hour.
In Control panel, time zone is set to GMT +8 for Singapore.

Both iPC's are not connected to network, and are running different shows.

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    Make sure you're running the latest XPe image and software.

    When support was added for Time of Day clock triggers, the software was also updated to automatically adjust for daylight saving time. But, some combinations of 3pc and the XPe image store the daylight saving time records differently, and the console thinks it has to adjust for daylight saving every time it boots - resulting in a 1 hour time jump.

    As long as you have a matching image and 3pc, this problem should not occur.
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    Hi Eric,
    Both our iPC's are running 8.04 XPe image, from a full restore, and I have updated both of them to v3.0.5 config & 3pc! 1 motherboard is A7N8X-VM/400, other is P4P800-VM.
    My guys 1st noticed it after xpe 8.x which was the 1st xpe image with version 3.

    I will try installing 8.05 & v3.1.1 this week and let you know the outcome.

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