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I wanted to share some recent experiences that I had getting this to work and also ask a couple of questions.

My setup is an IPC console running 3.1.0 acting as the show server. I was looking to connect two other PC's, a laptop and a desktop as file shares, both running XP SP3. All three of them have static IP's.

The laptop connected immediately, the desktop however wouldn't connect, however it would log in as a client to the show in Hog3PC, after some trial and error, I discovered it was the McAfee firewall on this computer that was causing the problem, disabling it solved the issue. I was able to use the Windows built-in firewall with Windows File and Printer sharing allowed as an exception enabled.

-Has anyone had success using network file sharing while using McAfee? If so, what settings did you use to allow this to work, in talking with support at HES, we tried a couple of different ports, 445 and 6600 and still didn't have any luck. Also on a side note, it's my opinion that the mcafee firewall may be a little more secure than the built in windows one, maybe this is not true?

-When setting up the share on the IPC, it allowed me access to it by only typing in the name of the shared folder and the IP address of the computer, a user name and password weren't required, however both the laptop and desktop had passwords on the accounts. I would feel more comfortable if it required a password to gain access to this folder. Does anyone know how to set this up?

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    An update on the last issue of setting a password for the network file share on your computer running XP. I discovered that you need to have "Simple File Sharing" disabled . To do this you open My Computer, then click tools, folder options, click the view tab, scroll to the bottom and uncheck "Use simple file sharing"

    Now when you go to share a folder, the username and password to access the share will be your username and password that you use to log onto your computer.

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