lazy dataflashes

jeeperjeeper Registered User
edited November 2009 in HES Automated Lighting
I have 12 older data flashes in a club, 6 going down one side of the dance floor and 6 on the other. I am running them off the mini controller. Now here is my prob. when I run the patterns or push the flash button only rarely do they ALL fire at the same time and rate. The last 4 will: not fire at all, fire at a diffent rate, fire late after the others stop, and sometimes when the frist 8 are cycled and cooling down the last 4 work fine. I ran the signal in series but think I saw some where that you can "Y" them, cause I was wondering if my cable run was too long? Also these are the ones with the xlr plugs. one more question I have 4 more that have the 1/4' plugs, are they mono or stereo(trs)?


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