DL.2 switching from int. media to ext. input by itself

jaybuckjaybuck Registered User
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im having trouble with 8 dl2s doing this it is sometimes all of them or just one or 2 of them. and they all do this when they are powered do and powered back up. they are installed in a nightclub all networked running on a hog 3. i also cant get the cma to pull up all of the lights. thanks


  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
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    Are all your units running the same software version?
    What XPe version are your units?
    Is the version of your CMA the same as your units?
    Are you running CMA on PC or Mac?
    How are your units networked?

    More info needed.....
  • Mike HansonMike Hanson Registered User, HES Alumni
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    When switching from the on board Media server to an external RGBHV, you need to leave the motion intensity at 0% for at least 8 seconds. If you don’t the fixture will not see the command.
    About you CMA question, like Marty said we need more info.
  • jaybuckjaybuck Registered User
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    i am running an older version but they all are running the same i dont rember witch one tho. and i am running the same verison of cma as my units i dont ever switch to external so i cant figure out why they keep doing it they are networked thro a switch/hub i have had trouble with them also deleting costom content by them self i will get the verison on my way home today oh and i cant run it from mac i have to open up bootcamp
  • jaybuckjaybuck Registered User
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    ok the software is
  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
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    The first few things to try would be upgrading to the newest 1.5.2 software on the units and your CMA.....your custom content shouldn't get touched durning an upgrade. The CMA wil also scan all your custom content onthe new version and tell you if the is a corrupt or mis-encoded file on your units which could also cause erratic behavior.

    You will also have much better results with CMA if you run it in a PC environment (Bootcamp is fine).

    Check your cues in your console that you are not sending a "switch" command anywhere as well.

    Hope this helps. :)
  • schiefelsschiefels Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Hi Jason,

    As Marty said, I would definitely recommend getting your fixtures up to date with software as a first step. The version of software you are currently running is close to two years old, and we have made many many changes since then. There have been hundreds of bug fixes in both the software side of things and the firmware, and you may find that just by upgrading your problem will be fixed. Beyond that, we have added a myriad of new features, including things such as more accurate motion code, network sync for movie playback, more effects, etc.

    Since you will have to re-image the fixtures in order to get them upgraded past 1.4.0 (current release version is 1.5.2), I would recommend downloading the latest image version (available here) and use that as a first step. This image will put your fixtures on 1.5.1, and then you can download the upgrade package for 1.5.2 here. For details on re-imaging the fixtures, check here. Be sure when you download the .iso for the recovery CD to burn it as an ISO.

    If you upgrade your fixtures and find that they are still having problems, please let us know and we'll help troubleshoot further.

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