Best way (Low cost) of backup consoles for show. Any suggestions?

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Throughout the year i have been using the Hog2 PC and it seems quite stable. But now with the Hog3 pc.....Sometimes my old computer just hangs for no reason.... Before I have found out the reason why, i would like some suggestions on how I should make a backup plan. I would like to use 2 computers, one for main and other for backup. Here is a list of stuff I have. Please suggest how i should use it and the lowest cost for that system if i have to get anything extra. All your opinions are appriciated.

MacbookPro running windows xp pro (parallel). 4G ram
Dell Latitude D620 with 1 G ram runing window XP pro
one superwidget.
one wire/wireless router

I have been using the Crossplugging of USB widgets but that plan seems not too professional and stable.....

Do I really need to get another widget? then something to switch the DMX signals? Any suggestions?


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    wongwayne wrote: »
    Do I really need to get another widget? then something to switch the DMX signals? Any suggestions?

    Yes, this is the best way for any true backup.
    Duplicate all your hardware b/c you never know which piece is going to fail.

    There is not currently any type of network backup on H3, and even if there were it probably wouldn't do you much good on a H3PC sytem with widgets, due to the fact that if your primary computer crashed there would still be no way for your backup to communicate to the widget via the now dead USB ports of your crashed primary.

    This would be different if you use DPs on a network (once network backup is even an option).

    Hope this helps. :)
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    Thanks Marty, well I've managed to buy a USB switcher and share the Super Widget. It takes around 5 secs. to switch between 2 Computer running as server. I guess that should serves the purpose before I go and purchase another widget. And sounds "less risk' of 'cross plugging' the usb widgets. Will try it later switching running a cue with the DMX attach later. And see if it really make me loss 5sec. when running a cue. But thanks again for your idea.
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