Extract from.....where is it? Pls help share a quick way.

wongwaynewongwayne Registered User
Hi i m a new comer migrate from Hog2. I used to be able to extract a fixture from a certain cue's state and place it into the programmer easily on Hog2. Can anyone share a quick way for achieving this on Hog3?


  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
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    This is easy to do... you just type "cue 1 fixture 1 copy enter" this will copy the data of fixture 1 from cue one to the programmer. Anytime you use the copy command and press enter (do not specify a destination) the data will be copied to the programmer.

    Also remember that this will copy the data from the cue, but not the state. You will have to select State from the copy toolbar before pressing enter if you desire the full state.
  • wongwaynewongwayne Registered User
    edited October 2009
    thanks a million, well there's a lot of new vocab for me to catch up on Hog3. Thanks
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