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I have some DML1200's and I'm having trouble connecting to them via the Barco EMPManager to upload additional media content.

I can communicate and control the fixtures from Barco Projector Toolset.

I can VNC to the onboard media server (allowing me to see the output of the media server) which suggests the network communication is ok, but whenever I open EMPManager it looks as if no connection to the units exists.

I have tried using static IP addresses, and also DHCP assigned (with a router on the network)

Any tips?




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    Hi Steve,

    If you are able to VNC to the media server on the DML then your network connection should be okay.

    Once you have set up a configuration in Ptoolset and have successful communication to the DMLs, did you save the configuration? File > Save. EMP Manager references the saved configurations from Ptoolset. So once you save the configuration were you able to open the configuration from EMP Manager? There is also a refresh button on the window in EMP manager where you select your configurations.

    Hope this helps,
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    Hi Paul,
    Yes, I've followed that procedure in the past. The config seems to load in EMPmanager ok (the fixtures are shown, with the correct respective IP addresses), but no access to the media server seems possible.
    Any suggestions most welcome :)

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    Hi Steve,

    A couple more things:

    This could also be a weird issue related to the Windows Firewall. Try, If it is turned ON, turn it OFF! AND If it is turned OFF turn it ON.

    And also, go into the Communication tab and CHECK that the EMP has the SAME IP RANGE as the Controller / LapTop, since it can have different ones. The EMP windows computer is directed by a script to change, that takes 30-45 sec to happen, if it receives another script before that the change is annulled.

    Best Regards,
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