Auto name for cue or scene.

wizardwizard Registered User
I would like to see a function where, if I record a cue that only contains one palette or one group+intensity, the cue automatically is named after the parent palette.

Eg. I create 10 colour palettes, and then record them into a cuelist on all my movinglights for busking purposes, it would be extremely handy if each cue then took the name of the palette, saving me the time it takes to manually type in each name... Same thing with a scene, if it only contains one palette or group+intensity, it would make sense to have the same function.

Has this been mentioned before? Obviously, you should also be able to deactivate this function.


  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited October 2009

    this is an interesting idea, of course it falls apart quickly when more than one palette is in a cue. As for groups, these just select fixtures, so the cue has no reference as to what group was used. At any rate it is a good idea and I will log it into our system for future reference.

  • wizardwizard Registered User
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    Well, yes I realize that with more than one palette you're screwed, but say if you only use one palette at the time of creating the cue, then it uses the name of the palette -> then if you edit it later, adding more palettes, it will still retain the original name that it had when you first recorded it.
  • wizardwizard Registered User
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    one more thing:

    And if this: would work together with my suggestion, then we are really on to something in terms of effective busking here!
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