problem intern monitor where to post?

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yesterday during show I had a failure of the rightside touchscreen of my Full Boar with message "no video input", for a few seconds. Then image came back. This happened 2x.
Probably a bad connector-connection, but how easy/risky is it to open the desk and check myself ?



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    today I've got the same problem again, rightside screen went on black, but this time the screen didn't come back online, and desk crashed.....

    Name: sfeerpeer
    Date: 27-11-2009
    Software Version: 3.1.1 / xpe 1.4.0
    Number of displays: 1 extern elo 15" touch
    Connected USB Devices: 1 memorystick, + elo 15" touch
    Networked Devices: none
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    For something like this you'll want to call support. They can walk you through opening the console and checking the connections.

    Do it as soon as you can, because this kind of problem won't fix itself. It will only get worse.
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    hi eric,

    indeed it's on 2 screens happening, the rightside internal + rightsid external. mostly on the external, sometimes on the internal. all leftside monitors are o.k.

    does support have a skype or chat srvice? calling in from abroad might be expensive....

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    The RHFB has a single video card that handles all 4 displays. That card has two output connectors, each with a splitter cable that goes to two DVI-I connectors (two splitter cables with 2 connectors each gives 4 displays).

    My guess is that the splitter cable that drives the two right-hand displays is coming loose, and that's what causing your problem. It's somewhat buried down inside the console, but it's relatively easy to check if you're comfortable working with electronics.

    I think some of the people is support do use skype and IM, email support and they can give you details.
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    hi Eric,

    since last time my roadhog FB hasn't had the monitor-fall-out-problem, but since a month or so the problem is back and getting worse. Especially with loud-low-tones the rightsided screens bounce on and off, I really thing there's a little print-line-damage somewhere on the card (the split-cable was replaced a year ago already)
    I bought a new 4way-card on the www, and want to replace the old card.

    When I replace the card, do I have to install something, or change something in the BIOS-settings? I'm not an electronic-guy, but will call in help from a friend who is.

    Or can you point me to a guy at your comp who might assist?

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    If you have questions about installing service parts, you can get in touch with support.
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