Blind mode and WYSIWYG

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Hi All,

Been a while since I did a show with a Hog, I'm using a Hog iPC in Wholehog 3 mode for a show on Thursday. Due to very limited on site programming time I am doing some pre-programming with WYSIWYG.

I was hoping there was some way to still get WYSIWYG output when in blind mode, as that would allow me to keep programming during the cocktails at the start of the show when I'll just have a walk-in look up.

Tried everything I can think of, and searched both Google and this forum, but can't find any info on how to do it, although I did find some promotional material suggesting this feature is available in the Hog III.

Any ideas?


  • PimmerPacKPimmerPacK Registered User
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    You can always run your 'cocktail'-cue, then unplug the dmx and program via network in Wysiwyg.
  • MoonchildMoonchild Registered User
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    Unfortunately all my moving lights would stop their slow panning of the room, and the LED would stop it's gradual colour chase around the room if I did that, making for a rather un-inspiring walk-in look :-(
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    What if you patch a 2nd copy of your rig at different fixture numbers and have WYG visualize the 2nd copy. You can program all you want while the first copy has a few lists running on it.

    When you're ready for the main show, you can use Clone DP to swap the first and second copy of the rig.
  • MoonchildMoonchild Registered User
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    That's an interesting idea. I'll try that, sounds like it could work!

    Thanks for the suggestion.
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