Trackspot Mirror Home Issue

John B.John B. Registered User
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I have a Trackspot mirror that will bump up against the standoff a few times...then come to rest just a bit shy of the standoff, then "Home" off center by the same distance. I tried the hub setup, thinking it was not at an exact motor stop and it seemed to fix it for one powerup cycle. The very next time I power the unit up, it homes incorrectly again. Do I have a bad motor?


  • John B.John B. Registered User
    edited October 2009
    I turned the plunger screw a few complete turns - enough to notice some resistance when turning the mirror manually - but my problem still exists - and that is this: the mirror pan "center" position at the start of self-test is one step motor "click" off center. Even when the hard pan left/right portion of the self test occurs, the mirror always "homes" one step off center.

    Any other suggestions? (by the way, thank you for helping thus far)
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